Curriculam plays a much larger role in every children


Williez’s curriculum which provides a comprehensive curriculum for over all development of Kids. The curriculum is shaped and designed by specialists in early childhood education and is consistently updated to reflect educational developments and improvements.

The aim of Williez preschool curriculum is to provide the right kind of stimulation and curiosity to the brain of the children so that they can readily maximise on all the domains & development.

The WILLEZ’s preschool curriculum is a researched syllabus with a mixture of outcome, objective, play and inquiry based learning approaches. Designed by curricula experts, the curriculum is further peer reviewed by an advisory committee to ensure educational relevance and rigor. In order to ensure that the curriculum covers the developmental domains, there are several core content learning areas which include numeracy, language arts, social and emotional skills, creative and visual arts, and physical development.

Williez curriculum ensures that the child after going through this well researched curriculum can easily transition adapt and adjust to the syllabus of any educational board of any formal school.

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